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  • A design stitched onto a material using a high-speed, computer-controlled sewing machine. Artwork must first be “digitised”, which is the specialised process of converting two-dimensional artwork into stitches or thread. The digitiser must re-create the artwork using stitches then it programs the sewing machine to sew a specific type of design, in a specific colour, with a specific type of stitch. This process is known as digitising. Embroidery is commonly used on logo patches, apparel, caps or hats.

  • Any high-res image format
    Step 1



    • Adds a more prestigious look to the garment

    • Small quantities are often more cost-effective than Screen Printing

    • The embroidery will not fade or wash away

    • Certain items must be embroidered - some items cannot be screen printed (E.g. fleece, certain moisture management garments and synthetic garments)



    • Biggest embroidery 350 x 350 mm

    • Size of the main embroidery

    • Minimum height for text is 5mm 

    • Framing the embroidery (pockets on shirts)

    • Embroidered above pocket (approx. 20/30mm from the pocket depending on the product)

    • (Remove pocket, embroider pocket, then resew pocket)

    • Long turn-around time for large orders

    • Fine detail will not brand correctly

    • Limited Thread colours 

    • Quality of embroidery will vary based on material of the product

    • Drimac / 600D / Poly Cotton smallest - 4 mm

    • Any stretch material no smaller than 7 / 8 mm

    • Have a lookout for logos that are the same colour as the garment (it will not be visible unless requested)

    • No embroidery with padding or insulation

    • No embroidery over zips (inside / outside) or framing

    Supported Formats


    • PDF

    • JPG (hi-res ONLY)

    • AI (Adobe Illustrator)

    • CDR (Corel Draw)

    • DST

    • All to be for PC and NOT MAC

    Digitisation Process
    (takes 4 - 6 hours)
    Step 2

    Alternative options

    • Screen printing

    • Digital Transfer (But it is not permanent)

    Personalised Naming

    • Individual names per item will lead to longer turn-around times

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