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Fast, efficient, and honest, Izipho Gifts & Promotions has become a reputable and well-known creative agency. Our team is up for every job, managing projects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect. We want our customers to be satisfied with our work, so we provide open communication channels throughout each project.

Established in 2008, since our humble beginnings in a small house in Alexandra Township, with significant experience, ambition & product knowledge, we have grown in leaps and bounds by investing in our team's capabilities and unique talents. Today we design signature products that our clients highly appreciate. 

At Izipho Gifts, we are passionate about our business. We believe in promoting our company image from within by being a team dedicated to the service needs of our valued customers. Our staff works in synergy with a mutual attitude towards providing our customers with class service by the team who work together to get the job done efficiently. Therefore, we grow our customer base and build solid relations.

Our Story

Our Vision &

Dreaming Beyond the Horizon:

Envisioning a future where Africa leads in the global marketplace, Izipho aims to be the cornerstone of innovation and excellence in promotional gifts and cutting-edge technological solutions. We dream of a world where every corporate gift tells a story of deep human connection, and every technological product we offer serves as a catalyst for transformation and progress. Our vision extends beyond the horizon, imagining a future where African enterprises set benchmarks for quality and ingenuity, powered by our products that blend traditional values with modern aspirations. We seek to craft legacies, forge enduring partnerships, and inspire a movement that celebrates African talent and creativity on an international stage.

Our Pledge:

Our mission is to architect the pillars of success for businesses across Africa by providing a spectrum of bespoke promotional items and state-of-the-art technological devices. We are dedicated to delivering solutions that resonate with the heart of brand identity, fostering memorable experiences, and enabling digital empowerment at every level. By championing innovation, embracing adaptability, and committing to sustainable practices, our purpose is to ensure that each client we serve not only stands out but sets the pace in their domain. We pledge to navigate the complexities of modern business needs with agility and foresight, anticipating market trends, and translating them into opportunities that drive growth and impact. Through relentless pursuit of excellence and a steadfast focus on customer-centric strategies, we aspire to build an enduring legacy that uplifts communities and nurtures the ecosystem of African enterprise.

Discover Our Craftsmanship

Step into a world where creativity meets functionality. At Izipho Gifts & Promotions, we don't just brand products; we craft experiences. Journey with us on our YouTube channel and witness the alchemy of turning ordinary items into extraordinary brand statements.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how we breathe life into logos, transform t-shirts into walking billboards, and elevate everyday objects into memorable gifts. 


Global Brands


  • A great brand is more than a label or a logo.


  • It is an idea that inspires confidence and trust in consumers, as well as a distinct sense of style, sophistication and craftsmanship.


  • Through our exclusive brand-partners, we bring you an exciting range of high-quality, on-trend Corporate Gifts, Clothing and Headwear that you can be proud to associate your brand with.


Izipho Gifts & Promotion
Tel. 011-786-9222

13 Homestead Road

Corner Corlett Drive
Johannesburg, GA

2090 RSA

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