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New Employee Welcome Kits & Packs for Remote Employees

Starting a new job, meeting coworkers on the first day, learning the correct workflows, and more can be overwhelming for new employees. You can do many things to help make a new employee feel welcome, no matter where they are located, but an employee welcome kit full of quality gifts is a great way to start!

Why create a new employee welcome box?

Onboarding can be a refreshing experience for new talent if done right. Creating a welcome kit for new team members will help them feel welcome and excite them to start their new roles. The most important thing to remember when creating a welcome package for remote employees is to choose high-quality items that they will want to use. These items can make them more productive and help them get set to work from home, or they can be other gifts that will welcome to the team.

Need help picking the perfect gift for your clients or employees contact us!

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