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What Are Promotional Products Used For?

You can give promotional products away for free, use them at your business, or sell them on bringing in some extra funds or revenue. They can be used for any of the following:

Daily Operations

Promotional items come in handy for your day-to-day work. For instance, restaurants often use custom printed napkins and glasses to serve their customers.

Employee Uniforms

Grocery stores, banks, fast-food restaurants, retail stores, and many others purchase logoed apparel or aprons as employee uniforms. It's an easy way to unite your team and look official to your customers.

Branded Merch

If you've ever been to a concert, you know all about the merch tents! Many organisations sell branded merch, not limited to podcasts, movie studios, pop-up shops, and of course, bands.

Free Giveaways

Whether a trade show or grand opening, logoed items make excellent free giveaways. Many organisations look for something cheap, simple, and under $1 each.

Non-Profit Fundraisers

You can get many great fundraising items from a promotional products company, including volunteer shirts, table covers, and little swag bags and gifts for the attendees. They're also great ways for local sports leagues to spread the word and raise extra money.


Popular destinations, like resorts, theme parks, and tourist spots, sell promotional souvenirs in their gift shops. They're also commonly found at sports stadiums, live shows, and museums.

Spirit Wear

Colleges and sports teams use spirit wear as a way for students and fans to show their pride! Logo hoodies, keychains, pom poms, and other products help create a strong sense of community.

Holiday Gifts

When you need holiday gifts in bulk, a promotional products distributor is the way to go! You can get nice, premium items, such as wireless speakers and stainless steel travel mugs, printed with a logo or design.

Community Awareness Items

Churches, schools, libraries, and other local businesses often use promotional products to raise awareness. These can be handed out or sold at village picnics, community art shows, or town fairs.

Party Favors

It's not all about advertising! You can also order personalised favours like sunglasses for your wedding, birthday, family reunion, or baby showers.

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